Osteopathy practice in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and Prestwood, Buckinghamshire.

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Osteopathy for Sport

Increase your flexibility and improve your Sportsmanship

An osteopath uses a highly developed sense of touch to identify and gently release restrictions in your body which could be holding back your technique.

Osteopathy can help you:

  • alleviate pain which is interfering with your enjoyment and ability to participate.
  • prevent injury and maintain flexibility
  • increase the range of movement in your joints to increase your power and agility.
  • rebalance your nervous system to increase calmness and focus, improving judgement of distance and hand-eye coordination.

“I had no previous experience of cranial osteopathy, but following a riding accident which resulted in severe whiplash, I found Ben’s website and was intrigued by this form of treatment, in particular that there is no “pulling and pushing”! After only two treatments, which were completely non-invasive, the pain and stiffness in my neck was hugely improved and I had far more movement than I thought possible.  Ben also worked on realigning my shoulders and pelvis, after which I noticed when riding my horse that I could lengthen my right stirrup by a hole – clearly I had been tight and short through the right side of my body.  I would highly recommend Ben’s gentle and skilled treatment to anyone.”
Martina, Product Communication Specialist